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ZBC not representative of all

ON behalf of the Arcadia Residents Association we express our disgust at the unacceptable action perpetrated by those in authority at the ZBC in Harare concerning the programme This is Life.

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What a crude and undignified attempt by ZBC to hide the truth from the public on the programme aired on March 2 by hiding behind a cheap and unbelievable “technical fault” by the propagandists who control the flow of information from Pockets Hill!

They apparently blocked the show on the mixed race (Coloured minority) from being televised.

The nefarious pulling off of the programme can be directly attributed to the sensitive topics and very blunt speech coming from street savvy youths telling it like it is about the state of Coloured youths in today’s Zimbabwe.

Judging from the opening remarks and controversial comments from the “raw” participants’ dialogue, very uncomfortable issues for the regime to answer were to be raised. The regime preferred to stifle issues pertaining to this much maligned and misunderstood section of the polarised Zimbabwean society, characterised by their classification as zero zero at the end of their ID cards rendering them aliens in a country of their birth. And for the ZBC that is a double zero.

Shame on you ZBC! Once again the mixed race Coloured community has been shown in no uncertain terms just how reprehensible, distasteful and of little consequence their concerns and viewpoints are according to the mandarins of Pockets Hill who failed to live up to their mandate and oft-stated claims of being representative of all sections of Zimbabwe’s divided society.

What a lie and once again shame on you.

Bertram Tabett

(chairperson) and

Angus Martins


Arcadia Residents


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