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You win some and lose some

THE letter “Marimo deserved the chop”, (Zimbabwe Independent, June 11) by Jonathan refers.

This writer is amazing; here is someone who only wants to see success a

fter success, thus making him unrealistic.

Where on earth can anyone man always win against competitors without a failure? Even the successful Manchester United sometimes succumbs to the minnows of the English premier league!

Could he please give examples.

I see nothing wrong with waiting for 24 hours to know of our fate in the quest to qualify for the first time in 23 years. In any case it was not Sunday Marimo’s fault since the match that assured us of qualification was supposed to be played simultaneously with ours to avoid match-fixing.

Jonathan fails to appreciate the uncertainties in sport in general, and soccer in particular, that makes it interesting and popular. If outcomes of all matches were obvious then what would be the point in going to support any team?

Jonathan needs to look at the bigger picture of a team’s loss, draw or win having a direct, though unsolicited, bearing on the other teams’ log standings at the end of the day. Those situations are what make sport!

I guess Jonathan is a guy who never fails in whatever he sets himself to do. However, the rest of the world is realistic. There is no one who gets into a fight hoping to be beaten. It’s not possible for both opponents desperate to win matches to win at the same time.

Excuse me, I thought it was obvious!

Marimo might have his shortcomings just like any other person except Jonathan but how would he explain the lack of expertise in a scenario where Zimbabwe beat Algeria that had beaten Egypt which had beaten Zimbabwe?!



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