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You were right, Gono’s theatrics unhelpful

CONGRATULATIONS on your Candid Comment, “Gono’s best can only be a Pyrrhic victory”, (Zimbabwe Independent, August 11) as you awakened to the grave realities of the false and tragic theatrics of central bank governor Gideon

Gono on the collapsed economy.

An excerpt of the column by Joram Nyathi: “The bottomline is that you cannot turn around an agro-based economy without robust commercial agriculture”, summed up the ultimate failure by our governor.

Previous RBZ governors stuck to their traditional terms of reference and quietly worked out things basing on the economic realities.

They could — and did so persistently — only advise government that the economy of Zimbabwe (since the creation of the modern economy in the 1890s) is based on the soil — agriculture and mining. Period.

Gono’s acquisition of extra powers of seeking the services of the counterproductive Green Bombers is tragically astonishing. He knows that agriculture and mining’s restoration to their previous status will put the economy back to Zimbabwe’s hegemony in southern Africa.

The trillion dollar question is: why not use the same energies of the CIO, army, Green Bombers etc, to restore the agricultural and mining fortunes?

This is better than using these groups to terrorise the already downtrodden citizens in the name of a false, expensive and failing economic turnaround plan of ambushing and criminalising people for possessing their own national currency?

After all, are these not the very same terror institutions (with help from Joseph Made’s Agriculture ministry and Jonathan Moyo’s Information department) that actively and zealously destroyed and wiped out the once prosperous agricultural and mining activities in Zimbabwe?

I stand to be corrected if my opinion is wrong. Gono should wake up to these realities rather than unleash Operation Murambatsvina II on the majority.

I hope the Independent will hit on this line more frequently to show that barbaric theatrics will not work.

However, to his own advantage, Gono will certainly get a handshake for shifting the blame for this man-made economic decline onto the back of the majority and also “get tough” on the same impoverished populace.

Indeed, this has been consistently the hallmark of President Mugabe’s political stance since 2000.

Denford Moyo,


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