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Why this media silence?

I AM surprised by British ambassador Rod Pullen’s “silence” at the offer by President Robert Mugabe for talks between Britain and Zanu PF.

Our media have not both

ered to follow up on President Mugabe’s Heroes’ Day speech, a sign that neither public nor private media are taking him seriously anymore.

Even the Zimpapers stable could have given his speech a decent follow-up with a story “Britain accepts/rejects talks” or something along these lines.

Alternatively, the media could have asked if the British embassy has received any diplomatic communication regarding the offer to establish if it was mere grandstanding by President Mugabe who has a knack for playing to the world gallery, pretending he is addressing the economic plight of his people through evictions, operation sovereignty and many more while the economy bleeds. The solution is beyond this regime.

The regime needs assistance from any section of society. Zimbabwe’s media can take advantage of such opportunities and play their role in exploring avenues for dialogue or lack of it.

President Mugabe has accepted the need for talks but has rejected the African Union offer because it involves the MDC.

He has proposed to (British premier Tony) Blair and First Lady Grace Mugabe’s silence shows she is agreeable to this arrangement. Let them dialogue.



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