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Why spare Gono in anti-graft drive?

SO the owners of our country have decided to trample on our property, human and economic rights all in the name of “revolutions”?

Of late there has been a national crackdown on “unscrupulous traders” and those who have made “mini

-central banks” at home. However, it seems there is a lot of hypocrisy in the whole thing.

Former Finance minister Chris Kuruneri was arrested and kept in remand on the basis of a Sunday Times report on his property investments in Cape Town.

That same report also mentioned central bank governor Gideon Gono as the one who authorised the transfer of large amounts of foreign currency to South Africa on Kuruneri’s behalf.

Gono also sourced foreign currency for the First Family’s trips abroad, presumably on the black market.

Another Sunday Times report detailed how Gono lost tens of thousands of US dollars and British pounds to his domestic workers.

In fact, it was reported that he kept hundreds of thousands of US dollars and British pounds purchased on the black market, as well as Zimbabwe dollars stashed in drawers at his Borrowdale home at a time when the country was going through its worst foreign currency crisis. Needless to say, Gono was never arrested or even questioned after publication of the reports.

Are we to assume that he is above the law? Why didn’t our parliament pursue these matters? Where were our independent journalists when all these stories were being published? Were they afraid?

In their zeal to end corruption, the authorities have used extra-legal measures, some of which have seen ordinary people losing their hard-earned money while the corrupt ones dictated policy.

How come those alleged to have stolen equipment from Kondozi Farm were sitting at the high table during Gono’s address?

If the government wants to be taken seriously in its anti-corruption drive, all those who engaged in corrupt activities — including Gono — should be arrested and investigated. Society must never create demi-gods and saints out of mere mortals.

Those dabbling in criminal activities must face the music.

Michael Chifamba,


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