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We are authors of our own misfortunes

I feel the pain of my fellow Zimbabweans, yet recent events lead me to believe that we Zimbabweans are the authors of our own misfortunes and therefore deserve what’s happening to us.

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The sickeningly obsequious messages to President Mugabe on his 80th birthday were embarrassing. How do you expect a mortal man to feel when he’s praised as a gift from God who’ll change the course of world history? Don’t blame him when he gets such a swollen head and starts to believe all that hogwash.

People have also been falling over each other to say what a jolly good fellow Gideon Gono is and now that he’s in charge happy times are around the corner. Competent and committed though the man might be, he acts in a very narrow remit confined to the monetary policy and supervision of banks. Much as he would love to, there’s no way he’s going to solve issues of lawlessness, chaotic land reform and consequent hunger, Aippa/Posa and the closure of factories.

These are outside his influence. They are due to a crisis of governance which can only be solved by fundamental change at the top. We shouldn’t delude ourselves into believing that Gono will solve all our problems. He won’t because it’s not his job. In any case, why is it only now that the RBZ governor is being given power to do his job?

Kombo Moyana, Simba Makoni, Ariston Chambati and Bernard Chidzero all tried and failed not because they were incompetent. Far from it. They were trying to put out a fire with hands tied behind their backs. We’ve had economic problems for a long time and our rulers didn’t care because they were comfortable. Now that there’s an election in 12 months’ time they are pressing panic buttons and we are congratulating them on being brilliant firefighters when they’re putting out a fire that they ignited themselves!

I hear church leaders and ordinary people praising the so-called anti-corruption drive. My brothers and sisters, why is it that before every election some such trick is played and we consistently fall for it?

The land reform issue was used to buy our support and we fell for it believing that we would all become farmers owning little plots. Now it’s anti-corruption and we can’t praise it enough! Why can’t we realise that this is just to whitewash Zanu PF’s battered image? Did corruption start in 2003 with ENG?

Corruption has been with us since the 80s. Remember Willowgate, the War Victims Compensation Fund and other scandals? Why do we not ask why it’s taken 23 years to crack down on it? And we know what happened after Willowgate; when the dust had settled Mugabe’s cronies caught with their paws in the cookie jar were all pardoned and rewarded with cushy posts. Why do we believe it will be different this time?

Only a few small fish will be sacrificed because the stakes are higher this time. Musadyiwe makatarisa sematemba mani! (Don’t be taken for a ride).

As long as we prove to be gullible and malleable and don’t question any of the shenanigans that are played time and again, the nation’s rulers will run rings around us and we will remain forever in poverty. Lingavumi ukubanjwa ngekhona njengephepha le lacto!

Zen Nzula,


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