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Wake up call for the MDC

THE MDC urgently needs to devise new strategies to fight the 2005 election and raise its international stature.

The int

ernal opposition – political parties, civic bodies, students, employee organisations and churches should be welded into a united, solid front as a matter of urgency. I believe the MDC should spearhead this effort.

A common stand should be taken now regarding the 2005 elections – whether to participate or not. If participation is on the cards, the MDC’s demands for participation should be reiterated and a deadline set for responses from government. Sadc’s organ on elections, the African Union and South Africa in particular, should be prevailed upon to get President Mugabe to comply.

The UN should be more strongly sensitised about the issues at stake in Zimbabwe.

The state has trained youth militia to be deployed in each constituency at election time.

Moreover, there are the war veterans to bolster the repressive/coercive arms of state.

Zimbabweans in the diaspora should be mobilised to demonstrate in all major cities around the world where Zimbabwe has diplomatic missions.

The diaspora could demand among others things a new constitution, the right to vote for those in the diaspora and the disbandment of “Green Bombers”.

The MDC should remember that nothing but sweat, tears and blood can water the Zimbabwean freedom tree that is about to dry up.

Zizi Harinanyanga,


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