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Time army, police defected to humanity

IT’S common knowledge that the Zimbabwe Republic Police has chosen the side they wish to follow. 

While the majority suffers under the tyrannical misrule of President Mugabe, the police force is out to ensure that its children also have no future here. 

The force goes to great lengths and seems to derive great pleasure from carrying out “orders” from the master himself through his cronies. 

I cannot see why it’s necessary to beat up people for minor infringements of the Mugabe law.  The police will even beat up their own relatives to keep Mugabe in power. 

This shows the “intelligence” required to become a policeman in the first place.  Are they not suffering the same as the people they are arresting and beating up? 

Their children must be proud to say: “My dad’s a policeman and he helped make sure Zimbabwe was completely destroyed. And Mugabe even gave him a pay increase to ensure he was bought properly!”

It’s time we all realised which side these unintelligent puppets are on.  I use the word unintelligent because of the pains they endure in writing  or typing out statements.

We must all stick together and ostracise them from our society.  Don’t speak to them unless forced to, and refrain from socialising with them. 

They live among us and some are our neighbours, but ignore them as you would someone you consider your mortal enemy. 

They can be considered enemies of the state as is Mugabe.  It’s unforgivable what he has done to this country and he must be held accountable.

It’s not too late for the police force and the army to see the light and get onto the right side of humanity.

Next time we protest, let them know that we are doing it for them as well. They should join us and not beat us.

This way we can fix this rotten problem sooner than you think.  Otherwise God help us.

Peter Macklyn,

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