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Riddle of SA loan

WITH numerous problems besetting our beloved Zimbabwe I was thrilled when I first read that a US$1 billion facility would be coming from south of the Limpopo to ease our man-made problems. But I soon became frustrated when I learnt that t

he US$1 billion is actually coming from the South African taxpayers.

Please help me here: are these the same South African taxpayers whose elected representatives under Cosatu were humiliated and summarily deported amidst claims by the then acid tongued head of government’s propaganda that they were on an evil “Tony Blair mission and posed a security concern?

Didn’t their second mission only last for 30 minutes? After all, the then minister told us there was no crisis in Zimbabwe that warranted South African’s intervention. Surprisingly, the South African government agreed with this senile claim, thereby tacitly approving of this reckless action by the Zimbabwe government.

How come the same government is now getting access to the South African taxpayers’ money without apologising to Cosatu?

When did South Africa’s intervention become necessary? Will a third Cosatu delegation be denied entry into Zimbabwe again? When will the Zimbabwe and SA governments apologise for mocking the South African taxpayer?

Denford Moyo,

United Kingdom.

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