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Private schools miss top 100

IT was with a degree of amusement that I read the news article on the education “rip-off” that appeared in the Herald of March 5.

I am a parent of children a

ttending the so-called elitist schools and would have liked to see how we compared with government schools in terms of educational achievement.

The published list of the top 50 schools for the recently announced Zimsec examination results did make interesting reading.

The top 10 schools were church-run (private not government) and the other “elitist private schools” did not even feature in the top 100. I wonder why?

Could it be that our children are stupid? Are the teachers not dedicated to their profession and are merely money grabbers? Or could it be that the news article did not tell the truth?

No prize for guessing the correct answer.

All the elitist private schools currently offer the IGCSE exams as well as Zimsec and parents have the option of choosing which exam their children sit.

With all the scandals surrounding Zimsec, guess which one I chose?

It is therefore not surprising that the private schools do not feature in the top 100 as the majority of their pupils wrote the IGCSE and a few wrote the Zimsec. You therefore cannot compare apples with oranges.

Here are some questions I want Education minister Aenias Chigwedere to answer;

What school did your daughter attend?

What schools do/(did) the children of the Zanu PF members attend? and What school are President Mugabe’s children attending?

Please spare us your drivel and concentrate on cleaning up the mess you are causing.

Allan Jackson,


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