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No way colonialism would be acceptable

THIS is a response to the contribution by Totally Positive – or is it Totally Negative? – of Bulawayo in reaction to my previous letter.

In his contribution title

d “Zanu PF will not get away with this” (Zimbabwe Independent, August 12), Totally Negative deliberately misconstrued issues raised in my contribution titled “Not only Mugabe caught in UN report” (Zimbabwe Independent, August 5) to advance his colonialist and racist mentality and glorify colonialism and all that it stood for.

It’s hard to believe and disgusting to know that in today’s Zimbabwe there are still hard elements of the Rhodies out there who truly think that the war of liberation was ill-conceived and unnecessary.

It is not that Totally Negative is so foolish that he is not aware that the Lancaster House Constitution was meant to perpetuate the interests of the colonialists in Zimbabwe by embedding historical inequities in the constitutional settlement to preserve the colonial settler pattern of white ownership of most of the fertile land. But because he and his like-minded Rhodies benefited from it until the ill-conceived “fast-track land redistribution” caught up with them he would not want it identified as one of the causes of the crisis we face today in Zimbabwe.

Neither is it that Totally Negative is so stupid to know that the government has brought Zimbabwe to where it is today on the pretext of addressing the inequities and advantages his kith and kin enjoyed out of the Lancaster House Constitution that favoured them and denied the majority of the people access to land because of “the ineffectiveness of the willing-seller willing-buyer policy stipulated in the ‘Lancaster House Constitution’, as well as non-availability of funding from the donor countries”.

To the contrary, by virtue of being a racist who believes that everything that colonialism stood for – racial hatred, the destruction of African societies, rape, enslavement of the blacks and genocide – Totally Negative would want all that to be conveniently overlooked in the current crisis facing Zimbabwe with focus placed only on the wrong that President Robert Mugabe and his government have done.

No, Totally Negative, a hundred times no. There was no way colonialism was going to be allowed to exist in Zimbabwe as a historically established political modus operandi and the accepted norm of political dispensation, given all that it stood for.

Neither is the present constitution, which Zimbabweans would have done well to bury in the annals of history had they voted “Yes” during the year 2000 referendum nor the current political dispensation should see the turn of the first decade of this millennium.



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