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Moyo’s the best brains

I NOTICE that the fashion of your writers is to bash Jonathan Moyo and his so-called “third force”.

Do you people understand democracy? Is it because Moyo once wo

rked for the government?

But who among us has not been in government or even in Zanu PF? Even John Makumbe was once a branch chairman for Zanu PF!

The danger is that as we bash Moyo we might become as intolerant as he used to be. If the guy wants to form two or three parties, let him. That is democracy.

Hate him or like him, the guy has some of the best brains in Zimbabwe. Far sharper than most pretenders in the opposition!

Can you really stand up and say that Zimbabwe has enough real political parties? At least here is a man who has even some of us in exile and the diaspora on his mind. Let us be tolerant.

Chenjerai Hove,


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