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Mental prostitution in the media

IT is interesting that the lid has apparently been blown off who controls what in the Zimbabwe news media. The disclosures so far revealed are a mere formalisation of what most intelligent people already suspected.

P>What has yet to be disclosed is to what extent the residual so-called free press has been infiltrated by state-enabled saboteurs or stooges.

It is a matter of fact that over a durable period of time certain media outlets have been reticent to investigate or to report on views, facts and stories put under their very noses. When certain papers have been told that they have published distortions or falsehoods they make no retraction or apology.

What can be surmised is that “Operation Cover-Up” has been in full swing for some time. A measure of cowardice or of solidarity to the regime can possibly be counted by how few of their correspondents have been arrested for allegedly publishing untruths.

Understandable is that no media reporters from Zimbabwe ever get any real international recognition anymore for diligent services rendered.

Zimbabwe has been reduced to a nation of lacklustre self-respect where the people left have become aspirants to patronage, liars, beggars, thieves or even prostitutes to survive. Mental prostitution in the media is blatantly apparent. There are those that will tell or filter any story that their masters may want to hear to endear themselves to their patrons.

While the established heroes want the world to believe that Zimbabweans are well-educated the reality is that the nation has generally become devoid of meaningful intelligence and is on the brink of becoming economically and morally bankrupt.

One has to wonder if the deadbeats in certain media offices actually believe what they emit, or do they think that their audiences are mental paraplegics who may actually believe their claptrap?

Walter Hurley,


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