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Majonga hates Caps

THIS is directed at Darlington Majonga after his IndependentSport View instalment titled “Caps trip as scandalous as PSL go-ahead” (Zimbabwe Independent, August 4 2006):

I have noted with incr

easing indignation your blatant hatred of whatever Caps United does. A cursory look at all your articles regarding the “Green Machine” shows that they have always been at best cynical and at most vitriolic.

If Caps chose to play a second-string side against Monomotapa while at the same time earning good money at an invitational tournament, what’s wrong with that?

Do you need reminding that this year’s league has nothing except empty pride to play for? Caps as any other logical institution will put its financial interests ahead of your sham pride. You wrote: “We thought Caps would take a development side to Malawi.”

Who is “we”?

Us Caps fans support the decision taken and we went ahead to support the Caps side that played against Monomotapa and we are happy about their performance. We never complained to you or anyone about being short-changed of our monies.

We know where your sentiments lie and if the truth were told you are a cancerous tissue in an otherwise enviable organisation.

Nelson Gakaka,


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