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Let’s unite to oust this commission

I WONDER how many other residents have received a letter about having to replace their own stuck water meters from the city of Harare.

Not only are we required to buy a new meter, we are also supposed to take it to council for caliberation (sic)! 
No doubt we will

also have to pay for this and the installation too!

If we do not comply with this order there are threats of being charged a penalty.

The letter states that no further communication will be entered into.

In view of this, I feel that we, the aggrieved rate-payers, should begin our correspondence on this illegal move by the commission supposedly running the city of Harare through the media and consultations with lawyers.

We mustn’t allow the commission to get away with it!

I say this in the strongest of terms as we also recently had our water supplies disconnected when our account was in credit and were charged a $2,3 million re-connection fee. We have to get rid of them.

Let us all please rally together to achieve this.

Could the Combine Harare Residents’ Association be contacted for their comments, I wonder?

R Gunner,
Mount Pleasant.

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