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Let them hang

AS Zimbabwe continues on its rapid descent into chaos and suffering, one wonders who to despise more – those directly responsible for the chaos and suffering, or those who remain silent.

, Helvetica, sans-serif”>What, for example, will our gutless “captains of industry” have to say in their defence when this financially corrupt and economically destructive regime is finally removed?

What will many of those who claim to be religious leaders (and not just Christian leaders) who remain silent in the face of so much human suffering say in their defence when the day of reckoning finally comes?

We criticise (South African president Thabo) Mbeki’s “quiet diplomacy” but let there be no doubt that the silence of so many supposed leaders within Zimbabwe has contributed greatly to the survival of this regime.

Perhaps their silence is because many of them are too far removed from the daily struggle for survival that most Zimbabweans have to contend with.

Most likely, it is also because their material affluence is more than offset by their moral bankruptcy and personal cowardice.

Let all those who by their silence have acquiesced in the destruction of Zimbabwe and the suffering of its people hang their heads in shame.

Everett Scott,


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