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Let critics speak

CHENJERAI Hove is welcome to celebrate Jonathan Moyo’s brains from the comfort of wherever he is.

But he should not seek to stop us from criticising a man who bar

ely five months ago brutally presided over the demise of a vibrant media in Zimbabwe.

He still celebrates Aippa and Posa as very good laws which are merely being abused. Get real Mr Hove!

I am not too sure if I understand the relevance of pointing out that John Makumbe was a prominent member of Zanu PF – just as urban residents used to vote for that party.

Edgar Tekere was even more prominent but he left when he felt a party that was very dear to his heart had lost it.

The generality of Zimbabweans are not aware of any harm brought upon them by Makumbe’s once being a member of the ruling party, while Moyo left a trail of destruction in his wake.

Moyo’s brains closed democratic space, and he was a participant in the destruction of our once vibrant commercial agriculture which resulted in the collapse of our economy.

If he had not been dismissed he would still be causing untold misery today.

It is Hove’s democratic right to admire Moyo’s brains but he should not expect those of us who feel shortchanged not to speak out.

Intelligent as he might be, Zimbabwe will have to undo the extensive damage that he caused, when conditions permit.

Abbie Mphisa,

Cape Town,

South Africa.

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