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Governor, please help us buy bananas

Dear Governor,

I write to congratulate you for the wonderful task of successfully implementing the monetary policy in a genuine effort to ensure the survival of the economy.

I believe what I am writing will be

of assistance to you in your determination to stop illegal foreign currency dealings.

I am the wife of a farm manager who used to work for a commercial farmer on a banana farm in the Bindura area.

The bananas from this farm, and others in the area, all used to be sold in Harare.

However, from the time new farmers acquired this land, very few, or in some cases no bananas, have been sold in Harare.

Upon a visit to my homeland in Bindura, and also to Chipadze township last month, I learnt that the bananas are being sold to Zambian buyers for both United States dollars and British pounds!

There are hardly any bananas left for us to purchase, and I am sure the foreign currency that the new farmers are earning is not being deposited into any bank in Bindura or in Zimbabwe.

Please, Dr Gono, could you be kind enough to investigate this situation. Perhaps we might be able to buy bananas once again.

No Bananas,


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