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Failure always an option

THIS is an open letter to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono.

While I will leave the analysis of the monetary policy to others, I would simply like to

give you some advice. Like you said, you take it, modify it or reject it.

Dr Gono, failure is always an option.

I am a medical practitioner – formerly at Harare Hospital – a field where knowing that failure is always an option can save lives, avoid lawsuits and conserve resources. This is why we refer patients to other more specialised colleagues or even beyond our borders.

Ask any other mortal: bankers, entrepreneurs, mechanics, plumbers, opposition parties and even governments. Indeed, even immortals like God, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much evil on this earth. You said it yourself: one cannot talk of Christianity and not mention hell. It is a place where the failed go.

My point is: failure is always an option!

What worries me the most about your slogan, Gono, is the fact that you fail to recognise and accept this. Unfortunately that breeds delusions and dictatorial tendencies.

What is the barometer by which you measure whether you have failed or not, when you can’t even recognise failure when it stares you right in the face? The state the economy is in at the moment can only be described as failure on your part, yet you continue to say failure is not an option!

One then wonders whether you are competent enough to continue leading the RBZ or should simply resign and give others a chance before you become a delusional governor, like the famous emperor without clothes who was fooling no one but himself!

Dr Gono, you tried to ameliorate a difficult situation and many appreciate your efforts, but right from the start you failed to recognise that one individual cannot control everything. It’s called teamwork and I’m sure you learnt it in business school.

The solution starts with politicians coming together. As long as the opposition urges its supporters not to recognise President Robert Mugabe, you have a fragmented economy and selfishness will prevail.

The wisest thing to do on your part is to engage both Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, otherwise you’ll continue to fail.

As I said, advice can be taken, modified, or outright rejected. But be careful of being the emperor and risking your reputation.

Lewis Goverwa,


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