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Diaspora should help build Zim

NEIGHBOURING South Africa and Botswana are not as highly-developed as they think. It’s the Zimbabweans that are making these two countries tick.

The highly-influential Zimbabweans in these two countries should stop thinking only of themselves, but repatriate their ea

rnings back to Zimbabwe for the betterment of their beloved country.

It’s high time Zimbabweans pushed for a healthier economy and embark on  the trek back home.

To be pushed into holding camps as animals is inhuman. Zimbabwe is an asset which we ourselves have to appreciate first and work hard to serve and preserve.

Zimbabweans are a highly-educated people which does not appreciate itself, hence the burden it has become to its neighbours.

We have to get our priorities right at home and work to turn our economy around to be respected. No-one will do it for us.

There is a time when differences have to be put aside for the betterment of our beloved country. Whether it’s  war veterans, born-frees, rural or urban people, industrialists, business people, workers or politicians, we should all come together to develop our country.

When one Zimbabwean suffers we should all feel for him. It’s up to us to regain our position of influence.

We achieved the breadbasket of Africa tag not because of the white farmers’ capability. It’s not about colour, it’s about people working together to develop their country.

The inflation rate is high and politicians should refrain from being  wasteful, stop the corruption which has become a norm to them and start to work together for the development of the country.

The number of productive people who contributed their labour has fled the country, little wonder then that the economy has undergone a downturn.

War veterans’ contributions are appreciated but we should move forward to liberate the economy and develop it for posterity.

We should desist from squandering both the future savings and the seeds which should be used to develop our country.

We should not forget who we are.

Zimbabwe is a great country with great people with great potential.

There are some among us who  believe this country should only be ruled by those who went to war.

Investors relocate to countries that encourage their participation and contribution to the economy. We all need one another, therefore no-one is above the law.

If as business people, workers, teachers, farmers, farm workers, all contribute to the economy, all are important ingredients that make the country great. Not just those who went to war or the politicians should enjoy the fruits of freedom.

Freedom is not just for a handful, but everyone. Let’s therefore examine ourselves and find solutions to our problems. It’s only the people of Zimbabwe that can chart the course of recovery for our beloved country.

Our neighbours are benefiting from our problems, getting highly-educated manpower at the fraction of the price.
Despised, lowly paying dirty jobs have become a preserve of degree-holding Zimbabweans.

I personally refuse to be labelled a failure because of the colour of my skin. The same should apply to everyone.
If things worked fine under white rule, we should do just as good, if not better.

Zimbabwe should stop spending so much money on military weapons if the Security Council is to respect the African men. Our challenges are many but we can overcome them through reasoning and strategic planning.  

The future looks bright as long as we visualise things using our own eyes, knowledge, ideas and human resources.

We need to use wisdom and keep our mouths shut at appropriate times when action is needed most.

Surely, the Zimbabwean ship will not sink. It’s not everybody though, itching to celebrate with us.

Some sections of the populace  are preparing for the funeral of the Zimbabwean economy.
Let’s prove them wrong for the pride of Africans.

Praying Parent,

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