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Chinamasa went too far

ALTHOUGH we do not condone Chimanimani MP Roy Bennett’s behaviour, I think people are forgetting what led him to charge at Justice minister Patrick Chinamasa.


should learn to look at both sides of the coin before we spit out our vitriol. Just because Chinamasa is black he should not go all over the show insulting whites and expect them to be quiet only to call them racists when they retaliate.

Surely, you can expect some kind of response from a normal person if you call his/her forefathers thieves and murderers. This is an insult to one’s dignity.

For Joseph Chinotimba to say if government does not take action they will take the law into their own hands, is something we expect from semi-literate people.

I feel there were many ways to emphasise Chinamasa’s point on Charleswood Estate without attacking Bennett’s forefathers.

People should see that Bennett’s actions were not racial but he just reacted like anybody else in the same scenario would and I don’t think the issue warrants all the attention it is getting.

An observer,


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