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Bloch abetting regime

IF it is in the best interests of the people of this nation for this regime to stay in power, then Eric Bloch and others like him do no wrong. On the other hand, if the interests of this nation can best be served by the speedy ejection th

is regime, then he is aiding and abetting the regime.

The economy of a country should be there to serve the best interests of the people, not the other way round.

Roads can be resurfaced, exchange rates re-stabilised, commercial farming brought back to life and industry revived without too much difficulty – if my understanding of recent world history serves me well.

Respect for human life, the truth, peoples’ beliefs and aspirations, public confidence in the institutions of the land, accepting to have to work hard to achieve one’s goals, equality before the law and fair play in all spheres of life are notions that are so hard to re-knit into a nations culture once they have been destroyed.

They have so much more to do with the real quality of the lives we live and leave behind, than do interest, exchange, growth or unemployment rates. They are, I would contend, none of them served by assisting this government in stitching a new cloak to cover its machinations for re-imposing itself on the people of this land next year.

Yet if it is accepted as aiding and abetting, then what Bloch does is not worse than what the rest of us living in Zimbabwe have not been doing, as we have watched one after another of our rights and liberties stripped from us. Where he defends his actions as attempts to save the economy, we have justified our inaction as attempts to save our jobs, feed our children, or stay out of “trouble”. Rwendo rurefu.

B Mhlanga,


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