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An issue with fuel crisis story

I WOULD like to take issue with the story “Fuel crisis creates instant billionaires”, (Herald, August 20).

Not being a reader of that particular paper, I can only

guess what was carried in the main body of the story.

Perhaps it was an upbeat account of the continuing success of (Reserve Bank governor Gideon) Gono’s “economic turnaround”, focusing on how great Zimbabwean entrepreneurial talents are reaping the rewards of indigenous economic empowerment.

However, whatever was carried in their story, I must take issue with their headline.

I very much doubt that the fuel crisis has “created instant billionaires” for the simple reason that those making a financial killing out of this particular crisis are almost certainly those who are already billionaires.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, it is these same billionaires who have so effectively contributed to the destruction of Zimbabwe’s economy, who reap the obscene levels of material and monetary rewards that each crisis affords them.

How can we expect for one minute that our billionaire chefs will want to resolve our ever worsening economic crisis when they reap such massive rewards from each successive crisis that they create?

Get real Zimbabweans (including economic commentators and the so-called “captains of industry”), there will be no economic turnaround until there is first a political turnaround.

An economy that is spiralling out of control should not be confused with an economic turnaround – the only spurious evidence for which comes from policy reviews from the ranks of the mansion-building, Mercedes Benz-driving billionaires.

RES Cook,


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