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Zanu PF will not get away with this

THE purpose of Chimedzamatoo’s letter titled “Not only Mugabe caught in UN report” (Zimbabwe Independent, August 5) is to try and shift the blame for the disgusting and inhumane operation codenamed Operation Murambatsvina which was execut

ed by the ruling party to other people who had nothing whatsoever to do with that disgraceful crime.

He can only be a Zanu PF apologist to have written such nonsense which seeks, with typical Zanu PF cowardice, to share President Robert Mugabe’s responsibility for this latest moment of madness with innocent bystanders instead of allowing his hero to take full responsibility as a real man would be prepared to do.

If people are hoodwinked into believing Chimedzamatoo’s ill-contrived conclusions, of course Mugabe’s blameworthiness in the whole sordid affair may be watered down along with his blameworthiness for allegedly usurping the power of the people by force and subjecting Zimbabweans to years of suffering and oppression under his presidency.

The people of Zimbabwe must not allow that to happen lest they be shackled forever by their complicity with anything less than the whole truth.

Upon close scrutiny of Chimedzamatoo’s letter it is apparent that the premise upon which he bases his observations – ie that colonialism was all bad – is itself a subject for debate and his views on the subject are tainted with typical Zanu PF racist bias which naturally sees only bad coming from the colonial era and white people in general.

My advice to him is to try to raise himself above the Zanu PF propaganda that he has, probably unknowingly, fallen prey to, and try to see the good that came out of that era and move forward from there.

In my view, a great deal more good came out of the colonial era than has come out of either the preceding or current era.

By the end of colonial rule the infrastructure for a strong broad-based economy was built and intact. A good many black nationalists may well have been mere infant mortality statistics were it not for colonial intervention.

Furthermore, the white rulers during that era were not as cruel as their predecessors albeit with a white racist bias.

That strong infrastructure and economy was maintained despite an unnessessary protracted war and comprehensive sanctions. However, after 25 years of Zanu PF rule all that has been destroyed.

That surely speaks for itself but for Chimedzamatoo’s sake I will spell it out. It happened because that party is backward thinking, intrinsically greedy and corrupt.

I would like to suggest that instead of his so-called “culprits” standing up and admitting this, that and the next thing, all of which will make not one iota of positive difference to the future, rather he and all black racists stand up and cast those burdensome shackles off and work towards a genuine positive multiracial future.

It is my view that prior to 1990 all races were getting on just a little too well for the liking of our racist ruling party, hence they had to attempt to destroy that. I am sure it is unnecessary for me to back that up with examples of anti-white propaganda that has constantly spewed out of the mouths of Mugabe and various ministers recorded in the state press.

The truth about Murambatsvina is that it was a wicked political operation planned and executed with calculated cunning and malice by Zanu PF on its own without so much as a parliamentary debate to validate it.

The cover up operation whereby victims were moved to rural areas so as to leave no trace of the dastardly crime is akin to hiding the dead body of a murder victim.

Everyone in Zimbabwe knows what Zanu PF has done and that party will not get away with this crime or any of the many other crimes it has committed. The day of reckoning is coming soon.

Totally Positive,


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