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Will Blair seize’errant’ Galloway’s passport?

AN extract of a story carried in the Herald issue of December 19 read: “In his address at the forum, Mr George Galloway, a British MP, said the US and Britain have arrogated themselves the duty of deciding which country must be inva

ded, occupied and which regimes to change and prop up.”

He said the terrorist attacks that have rocked some countries in the Western bloc were a direct result of “Western policies of injustice and double standards” against other people.

Galloway depicted the US and Britain as war-mongers who had created some of the terrorists now tormenting them, describing US president, George W Bush and British prime minister, Tony Blair, as “the self-appointed emperors of the earth”.

“I tell you these killers, liars and imperialists must be condemned by any right-thinking person of any religion at any time,” he said.

I wonder if the Zimbabwean state media and the government would consider such statements by a UK MP as being anti-British, unpatriotic, a threat to national interests and security?

Is the Blair administration going to follow Zimbabwe’s example by seizing Galloway’s passport once he sets foot in London?

We will see who is more tolerant and democratic: Tony Blair or Robert Mugabe.

By the way, who drafted the programme for the Perdana Global Peace Forum?

My logical guess would be that it was a Malaysian who would have very much known “that most participants at the forum would have gone for Friday prayers” at the same time that he slotted in President Mugabe to deliver his address.

Are the Zimbabwean government’s so-called “progressive” allies finally waking up? The sun truly rises from the East.



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