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Why was Sibanda quiet all along?

AFTER allegations against Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president Morgan Tsvangirai by his deputy Gibson Sibanda, there is no choice except to forget about the opposition party beating President Robert Mugabe at the political game.

Sibanda’s faction has just given itself a very long and strong rope to hang itself by revealing exactly what it is made of. Sibanda revealed to the public that they are also corrupt like Zanu PF.

Why did they sweep under the carpet Tsvangirai’s alleged corruption at the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, as well as his mistakes now when he is the MDC leader?

It is because that is what us Africans are made of. We tell the boss or ourselves what we want him or ourselves to hear. We never tell the truth.

Had Sibanda told the truth and died for it, he would be a true hero today. But he opted to lie to the masses of Zimbabwe, making Tsvangirai look like a good leader yet he was not. People trusted Tsvangirai, but today how do the same people feel about what Sibanda is saying?

There are 50% chances that the MDC is also being affected by the tribalism game. That is one of Africa’s main enemies. We do not know how to deal with it.

Looking at Mugabe you would find out that people never told him what he did not want to hear because everyone around him did not want to be punished for the truth. They preferred and still prefer to please him whether his government does good or bad.

Why? Because it is our nature. It is Zimbabweans’ nature to lie, pretend and not to say it as it is. Our nature is that of neither conscience, dignity, nor respect for human life.

Those in the high ranks of Mugabe’s government and those in the MDC factions fighting against each other have neither conscience nor respect for the people they lead.

These corrupt officials come from us, Zimbabweans, and some are our relatives – whether we gain anything or not.

Godwell Manyangadze,


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