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Why protest if you don’t care?

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe, the governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Gideon Gono and one Nathaniel Manheru (Saturday Herald columnist) were literally frothing at the mouth about the extension of smart sanctions to spouses and children o

f Zanu PF big wigs who have damaged the country beyond repair.

They try unsuccessfully to give the impression that they are not really bothered by their inability to travel to the First World while deep inside they seeth with anger.

If they really do not care, why did they protest when one Joshua Malinga was bundled onto the next plane from London on his way to the USA?

If they do not care, why did one Samuel Mumbengegwi boast when he was in Brussels: “Mupfana ndiripakatikati payo Brussels, unoiziva inonzi Brussels, ndiripakati pavo varungu”.

He really made a fool of himself. The president went ballistic when the new list was published.

I think “thou doth protest too much”. The big wigs are besides themselves with rage as their shopping is now restricted to the Second World – Singapore, Malaysia etc.

Vanzwa sugar butter (serves them right).


South London.

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