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There’s no need for arms

I AM a Zimbabwean who reads daily what comes out of our fatherland. Not good reading, I must say. Every day, we read information that is heart-rending, the suffering of the poor and the heartlessness that is our government.

But in all this, we hope for a brighter future. We have a choice to pray to the living God who is our final refuge. He knows what is going on. He wants to know if we have the character to withstand the worst that evil can throw at us. And we have done just that.

The poor have been brave to endure this level of viciousness. They suffer the most, and I pray to God that they live to see a better day.

Your writings are good to read. I used to read them in the Daily News, which was banned, and now I see you continue to write. This is good and boosts the morale of those back home who need to be strengthened, not by guns and force, but by words of encouragement.

President Robert Mugabe will meet his Waterloo, his nemesis, sooner than we think. The time is coming shortly when we shall thank those who have been brave in all the 20 odd years of a vicious regime.

Nothing defeats evil more than good. The people of Zimbabwe must continue to do good, continue to look and act docile and meet all brute force with the courage they have shown so far.

It is hard for me to say, being far away from their troubles. But I know the chains of injustice will soon be broken. God loves those who turn the other cheek. Zimbabweans are excelling in this regard, and even though they seem hopeless, this will win them the day soon.

We Zimbabweans have been fortunate in having leaders in the opposition who abhor violence and have been brave in the face of violence and abuse. May they continue to give moral courage to Zimbabweans, both inside and outside the country. They must bury differences as soon as possible because they are riding high in terms of their political integrity.

There are few countries where you find people speak with such understanding of problems that bedevil our world. When we read what you say, from afar, we are shown how well disciplined the people of the country have become, in a world where standards are falling.

You who manage to communicate to us your thoughts are a rare breed. Therefore keep using the high level of discussions, the use of polite language and being exemplary in word and deed.

Keep attacking the evil in the country in the press and on the Internet as you have done and the enemy, who is brutish and beastly in his way, rough, cruel and aggressive in his language and actions, will fall.

We do not need force of arms; Jericho fell without a sword being thrown anywhere.

Juliet Chadzingwa,


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