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Stop this nauseating habit

I AM a parent with a child attending Alfred Beit School in Mabelreign and wish to express my disenchantment with the goings-on at the school.

To show interest in

my child’s school, I have made efforts to attend virtually all meetings called by the SDA to have an input in its development.

Only recently I attended a prize-giving day at the school and must say I was put off by the SDA members’ penchant to curry favours with the school administration.

It seems decisions of only a handful of people present are made to carry the day. Here I am referring to increases in levies which are made without considering the plight of parents and guardians, most of whom are living well below the poverty datum line.

On top of such increases come trips for which we are made to pay huge sums of money and other activities such as civvies days among others.

These are just some of the ways the school raises funds but we are still asked to “donate in appreciation” of efforts by the teachers in teaching our kids.

This nauseating habit has got so entrenched that some of us have resolved to boycott meetings. Teachers are workers just like everyone of us struggling to make ends meet in these trying times. There are better ways the SDA members could ingratiate themselves with the school authorities rather than making us part with money each time we hold meetings. Some of us even earn much less than the teachers. Please if you still want us to attend stop this fleecing act forthwith.

Worried Sick,


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