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Show us you have a heart minister

I AM a teacher who bought a stand in Bindura under the Chipindura Park Housing Scheme in 2000.

The project which belongs to a government minister under the guise of Manyati Company was supposed to be completed in June 2000.

We were promised by the company that the stands would be fully serviced with water and sewer connections. Surprisingly, up to now there has been no development.

If we contact an official at Manyati, we are promised that they are looking into the matter. Further investigations we have conducted have revealed that the minister is just collecting money from people without doing anything on the stands subdivided on his former farm which is assumed to be under Bindura Municipality.

More than 1 000 people who bought the stands are failing to build on the stands because of this drawback.

This is probably one of the reasons why Mashonaland Central is one of the least-developed provinces in the country. If one complains he is labelled unpatriotic or an MDC member.

As I am write, officials from Manyati are busy collecting money from unsuspecting clients for Chipindura Phase II Housing Scheme despite the fact that nothing is going on in Phase I.

We are willing to develop our stands but there is no water or sewer facilities in place. Manyati must attend to this as a matter of urgency and at least show that the company has a heart.

In pain,

Mt Darwin.

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