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She never said that

IF my memory is correct, there were two references in your October 7 edition to the “fact” that Marie Antoinette stated that if the working class had no bread they should eat cake. Marie Antoinette, who someone said was the best queen Fra

nce had, did not say any such thing.

The revolution was a totally Communist operation attended by dishonesty, rent-a-crowds, lies, murder, genocide and all the usual perversions and bestiality.

Part of the campaign was, of course, disinformation. The words “let them eat cake” were uttered 70 years previously by someone whose name I cannot remember and attributed to Antoinette.

One of the masterminds of the revolution was the Duke of Orleans (the king’s brother), who wanted the top job and whose warehouses were full of wheat and securely locked and guarded.

It is believed by some that what really upset the duke was that, in an age of aristocratic immorality, Antoinette was so faithful to her husband that she refused sex with the duke.

Andy Goodill,


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