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Serves him right

THE melodramatic story of the city of Harare has reached its peak with the recent suspension of town clerk Nomutsa Chideya.

Ratepayers and workers of the municipality can now heave a sigh of relief over how the mighty have falle


After being supported by the same hand that looked lethargic over the years, the minister can no longer be a pillion passenger on Mr Chideya’s motorbike of mismanagement.

It is soothing that the town clerk, who until now regarded himself as an untouchable, has had his fair share of sad moments.

It is not a surprise that the mudslinging at Town House has reached a crescendo, this time with Chombo’s endorsement of the suspension serving as a post-script to both the commission and council executive that the honeymoon is over.

The minister has been dithering on what course of action to take, but finally arrived at it with the help of commission chairperson Sekesai Makwavarara.

Makwavarara should however, be reminded that Mr Chideya is a survivor, to him this is just deja-vu, since he has been suspended by all city mayors and commissions from the day he occupied Town House, only to bounce back courtesy of the same minister.

Authorities may have been impressed by the strength of his CV as he was previously town clerk of Marondera, where he was also fired.

We can only hope that this time, whatever tricks he might have in his bag to return to his most prized job have deserted him.

Chideya embodies characteristics of all things that have gone wrong in the municipality and will not be missed by any progressive city worker.

During his tenure of office he has presided over the collapse of service delivery because of his obsession with luxury vehicles, our refuse bins went uncollected and raw sewage spilled into the streets while the CBD was deprived of street lighting.

He cared less for the image of our city. The man deserves censure of the highest order.

This is the only council with more than five suspended heads of department enjoying full pay and benefits for more than three years yet the town clerk would not resolve their issues because he suspects they know something shady about him. The man has been forced to taste his own medicine.

This detour taken by the minister and commission is soothing and has left us hoping that sanity will be restored at Town House.

How the mighty have fallen!

The Vulcan,


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