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Senate an elaborate farce

SOME of my perceptions concerning the forthcoming senatorial election may at least be topical, coming as they do from an ordinary Zimbabwean voter and taxpayer.


he whole political impetus of the current regime has been towards greater control of just about everything. As no clarifications have been received as to why Zanu PF should now want to resuscitate a senate that it abolished years ago, one can only assume that with it further overbearing control is intended and planned.

Has there been wide-ranging discussion and national debate over the issue? At this juncture can we afford a second legislative chamber?

Has there been a truly independent and transparent senatorial delimitation commission which everyone can trust? Have our electoral processes, over the last five years, been unquestionably free and fair? Have the courts responded quickly, objectively and effectively to electoral challenges?

The answer to all the above questions is a resounding negative!

Therefore it is my view that this senatorial process has been, is and will be essentially flawed and corrupt; that Zanu PF is promoting it for its own political and economic rather than national advantages; that the process is likely to be skewed in its favour in every way; that the resultant electoral process will be un-transparent – no matter how peaceful the voting process may seem on the day of the election; and that there will be no satisfactory legal appeal possible or effective should one be so inclined to initiate such.

Go and pull the wool over someone else’s eyes! I will not be voting for any candidate in the senatorial election.

If the MDC participates, Zanu PF will only be too delighted to sucker them once again. Perhaps it already has: “divide and rule” is one of the oldest tricks in the book. And who in the end foots the bill for this elaborate and expensive farce – the ordinary voter and taxpayer.

Senex Sapiens,


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