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No person can believe this trash

RECENTLY I watched Zanu PF legislators Paul Mangwana and Tinaye Chigudu in absolute rage while they were addressing some semi-literate crowd about corruption.


rruption must be stamped out. If people see corruption being practised, report it to authorities,” they said. “This fuel and foreign currency crisis is being made worse by unscrupulous dealers who are taking advantage of this chaos to enrich themselves.”

Well, I will tell you who had access to forex from the banks and then sold it on the black market. I will also tell you who opened and owned bureaux de change. I will also tell you who procures fuel and owns fuel service stations. I will also tell you where they live.

Does this discredited Zanu PF lot think for one minute anyone believes this trash! If we started being honest with ourselves, maybe someone might believe us.

However, being honest means no stealing, cheating, raping, murdering and lying. This is foreign to Zanu PF. By the way, which authority does one report to, particularly when it’s a senior Zanu PF MP, minister, cop, their wives or children? For goodness sake, who trusts a cop?

And until they stop pretending and start naming names, don’t expect the public to stop corruption – no one is being locked up for it because the big guys are up to their eyeballs in it.

This lot lives in Borrowdale Brooke, Glen Lorne, Hellensvale etc and own farms, businesses and cars. Why on earth should it then stop if there are billions to be made?

We also had Saviour Kasukuwere telling youths after a passout parade that they now have the country’s problems on their shoulders!

Hello! Am I missing something here? Here is a deputy minister who drives the latest 4×4 Mercedes telling youths who probably don’t get two meals a day to brace up and weather the storm.

President Robert Mugabe says Zimbabweans are happy people and the following week in Gutu he says we complain too much! I will tell you that we are too tolerant.

Pam Shelton,


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