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It’s not about seniority but service to the people

IT was with horror that I read in a local daily of May 18 that our newly-elected senators were deliberating at some resort about who was the most senior between them and members of parliament.

This is pathetic. Our legislators not only spent money and time discussing who

is the greatest in the kingdom! Remember Jesus said the least of all is the greatest.

How do we get to be led by these people?

They want us to know that senators are more senior than MPs. Senior in what regard?

Senator Tobias Matanga of Chipinge-Chimanimani is reported to have even suggested that because senators were more senior, their salaries should be above those of MPs.

Is this all these guys think about — money, money, money and not work?

Another senator is reported to have remarked that there was a duplication of roles of both houses. With this coming not from the opposition, it means the upper house was elected to do the same job that the lower house was elected to do — with all the costs that this entails while people suffer?

And then we have another senator reportedly saying there was friction between members of the two houses! Friction? Already?

But aren’t most of these guys from the same political party? Then we have Forbes Magadu saying government ministers should take senators seriously! I wondered what this could mean? But then how can ministers take the senate seriously when they know the truth: that this was just meant to appease long-standing party supporters!

What was more worrying though was that the deputy head of that House, Naison Ndlovu, suggested that the issue of the conflict of interest was best resolved at party level. Which party, since there are two of them in both houses?

However, it is gratifying to note that we have professionalism in the chief administrator of parliament, Austin Zvoma.

His comments show how well he knows his job when he reveals that the constitution of Zimbabwe does not specify who the senior between members of the two houses should be, adding it was up to the politicians  to determine how senators and MPs should serve the interests of their electorate.

Elliot Kanganyama

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