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Insult to our intelligence

IT is absurd and perplexing why the so-called intellectuals in the MDC decided to contest the already Zanu PF-won senate election.

The flimsy excuse that if they

don’t participate they yield ground to Zanu PF is unfounded.

Under the present bogus electoral management system in this country, Zanu PF is always the winner. The only solution is to boycott all Zanu PF elections and national events.

I tend to wonder why the so-called intellectuals never learn – in 2000, 2002 and March 2005 we lost the elections due to an uneven ground. Uku ndokukanganwa chazuro nehope.

Morgan Tsvangirai is right: let’s not legitimise an illegal regime. Why should we be part of a scandalous system? Is the senate necessary in the first place?

This betrayal leaves my heart bleeding with sorrow and anguish. These not-so-wise intellectuals’ decision is an insult to our intelligence.



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