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Economy’s real saboteur

A LOCAL paper says “Govt battles to feed hungry nation”. Well, my dear president, I predict it will soon say “Govt battles to feed angry nation”.

al, Helvetica, sans-serif”>In the meantime, your minister Elliot Manyika is reported as having asked business executives to “come up with ideas on how to improve agricultural production”. I wish he had asked me, as the answer is actually a very simple one: put farmers on the land, not townies, ministers, judges and certainly not business executives with cellphones.

Another thing that could possibly be of some interest to you, Mr President, is that in reality no enemy has sabotaged our economy. You, sir, have single-handedly engineered the virtual destruction of our food producing agricultural industry. You see with the finger-pointing about to take place, nobody wishes this claim to fame.

Should you however genuinely wish to find out the real enemy, don’t look too far as it is all in the mirror. However, should you recognise him, it is advisable not to show him to the “angry nation” but rather to take him far from here.



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