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Dunlop deserves closure

I AM concerned about the figures given out by Dunlop managing director Phil Whitehead in the interview with your senior business reporter Shakeman Mugari as appeared in the October 21 edition of your paper.

face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Whitehead indicates that his company had a record export of US$687 000 last year. Almost in the same breath, he tells the nation that he requires US$300 000 per week to remain operational.

In other words the forex brought into the country by Dunlop from its annual exports is all used up within three weeks of operation. Surely something is very wrong here?

As an internationally recognised company Dunlop should be able to sustain its operations from external sales (exports) and in the process boost downstream industries.

If the figures given are really correct then maybe the closure of Dunlop is not such a bad idea after all.



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