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Dell criticism exposes Mugabe

AS a Zimbabwean, I’m not sure when the government will threaten to expel me. Unlike United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Christopher Dell, I have no other home. But speak I shall.

etica, sans-serif”>The threats to expel Dell show the duplicity that characterises the Zanu PF leadership, especially President Robert Mugabe.

The reaction to Dell’s criticism exposes Mugabe’s hypocrisy. He is allowed to say all sorts of things against others – George Bush and Tony Blair, for example – but he feels offended when others express their views about him or his government.

Mugabe is old enough to be my grandfather, but I’m sure when someone criticises me or speaks negatively of me, I would not react in such a deceptive way. I must say Mugabe has really gone bananas with age.

He naively believes attacking Bush and Blair will gain him international support and recognition in other countries. I remember him proudly telling the CNN that he is popular among the masses in South Africa and Africa in general. This is the foolhardiness of an old man.

Okay, does his popularity bring petrol home?

If other leaders praise him for his outbursts, he should know that they now consider him a political tool when it comes to international politics. They are using him to advance their cause because they are intelligent enough to know that if they say the wrong things against world powers, their economies and people would suffer.

Mugabe should just shut up. He can’t keep insulting young and admirable – many Zimbabweans admire Bush and Blair – men who do not even respond to his hypocritic speeches.

Have you forgotten the saying “never argue with a mad man, people may not notice the difference”? That’s what Blair and Bush are always telling themselves after his speeches.

By the way, Mr Mugabe, please stop calling us your people because we don’t belong to you.

Clinton Sitshela,


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