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Church should have censured government

WE wish to congratulate the church and government for joining hands and working together and believe it will leave an indelible mark in the history of the country.

Thumbs up for the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC) and their r

epresentative our Honourable Apostle EN Guti for the historic initiative.

We also understand and appreciate that the government and the church are important structures in a state and should, more importantly, complement each other.

We believe from the onset the parameters of such covenant relationships should be clarified. Without taking much from the just-ended National Day of Prayer, the church should have first educated its followers on the purpose and objectives of such an initiative.

Now that the day has come and gone, should we expect a change of attitude by these rulers? Should we expect the end of misrule and mismanagement? An end to joblessness, hunger, selective application of the law, rape, killing of innocent souls, torture, etc?

It is the role of the church to offer moral guidance to those who govern the nation.

It is in this context that the church should have openly denounced the evil that is being exercised and perpetuated upon the innocent and disadvantaged majority.

As it is said charity begins at home.

I believe justice and moral righteousness should first be championed from the church. The church should thus first unite before trying to unite the nations.

Not long ago a similar group of churches organised a day to commemorate Operation Murambatsvina and console the victims. Was it not a good opportunity for the ZCC, or of us the Zaogeans under the leadership of Eunor Guti to take a stand and tell the government its evils like what the prophet Nathan did to King David?

Why is it that Christians are quick to provide food, blankets, shelter etc to victims of man-made atrocities, but at the same time fail to tell the perpetrators to stop it.

The church, especially leaders as moral torch-bearers, voice of the voiceless need not stand aside and watch some inhumane policies being implemented only for them to come later and organise a Day of National Prayer, especially after an innocent infant died of cold weather, millions of people were made jobless, homeless, foodless and destitute in their own motherland.

Is it not an insult to the Almighty to organise and pray for the healing of our nation when the perpetrators of the evil do not want to confess their sins? Please Mai Guti, lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

Even after the implementation of such policies, it is incumbent upon the church to denounce them and call the parties involved to repentance (Inga Jeremiah akatambudzikira kutaura chokwadi wani, Eriah akatandaniswa naAhab).

The question still stands, has the church denounced the government for its wrongs before being married into this relationship?

Church leaders should not entertain, dine and wine with evil for their gain at the expense and in the name of the Lord God. They should emulate prophets of the Old Testament in standing and advocating for justice.

The church should be bold enough to denounce the government for its evil dealings as Nathan denounced King David for killing Urriah for Bathsheba (2 Sam 12 vs 7-9 and John the Baptist spoke against Herod for unlawfully taking the wife of his brother Philip (Matt 14 vs 1-11).

We are not saying the church, or leaders in particular, should not be for nor against the government, but should speak the truth for only the truth shall set the people free.

Let evil be castigated as evil and good be complemented as good. As Christians we believe we are Ambassadors of Christ, the light of the world and sherpherds of justice. What then is the image of Christ we are portraying to the heathen and the world at large?

By wining and dining with evil as the church is doing, it is actually perpetuating evil because the only thing necessary for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing.

Concerned Zaoga members,

Hatcliffe Assembly.

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