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Can’t trust this MDC lot with Zimbabwe’s future

CAN someone please tell us what is happening in the MDC? Does the party have an agenda? Did it ever have an agenda?

From what I gather, the MDC leadership may hav

e bitten off more than they can chew – they underestimated the task to hand and Zanu PF’s craftiness has undone them.

Instead of fighting among themselves, shouldn’t these guys be out in the street fighting the real enemy? Shouldn’t they have made a statement long back about participation in parliament – a walk-out would have been nice for them if they had any principles at all.

The basic fact is that they proved to Zanu PF and the world that they had support. A 33% share of parliamentary seats is respectable in any country in the world. After that, they should have walked out of parliament in protest at the crisis prevailing in Zimbabwe.

But the gravy train is difficult to jump from and some of our men and women in the MDC would not know what to do in the event of them being thrown off. So it’s away with the principles and follow your stomach.

I also find unpalatable some of the practices employed by the party. Sometime back – just before the “stayaway” against Operation Murambatsvina – I made frantic efforts to contact my local MP. I was given his mobile number, called and he didn’t come to the phone while I held so I hung up.

I then decided to call on the mobile number and he did not respond. I sent a long message explaining that I was a young professional keen to play a role in the party and was willing to meet him anytime he was available. Nothing.

I finally paid him a visit at his workplace whereupon I discovered that he got all my messages but didn’t reply since he did not know me. Pathetic! Coming from a public figure?

Anyway, we spoke and exchanged numbers and I have been waiting for his call since. He was excited about my coming over and bemoaned the fact that too many of the people in his constituency were domestics.

I’m still waiting for the district meeting he mentioned and, frankly speaking, I don’t know if this is the lot I would want to trust with the future of the country. They simply need to get off their horses and do something practical for a change.

They can’t argue that they are being effective in any way in parliament. After all, some of the most despicable Acts have been passed since they came into parliament. What’s their new claim now? That the bully is giving us a bloodier nose because of them?



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