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Can’t keep Zanu PF out

I HAVE been urged by my MDC MP to support the party’s participation in the senate election.

Among the reasons given were that “rather than surrender these hard-won stron

gholds to the other side without a fight, we should contest those seats.

The reason is not only to reduce the Zanu PF presence in the senate, but perhaps more importantly, to stop them taking the senate seats over our MDC MPs and then being given the resources to destroy the MDC’s influence in our strongholds.

“Why should we surrender our territory without a fight? Why should our MPs be made to look like fools while their senators splash our taxpayers’ money all over the place, especially to their own members, pretending that it comes from them? Why should we allow Zanu PF to come in and destroy the MDC? No! Not without a fight!

“Keep them out! Vote MDC!”

Frankly, the inconsequential arguments advanced did nothing to alter my view that the election should be boycotted.

I for one have no intention of participating in any way in the election.

Whether or not the MDC is represented in the senate, or in the present unicameral parliament, will do nothing to prevent Zanu PF from doing what it has always done – using all available resources for its own political and personal benefit.

The MDC candidate in my own area may well be a worthy candidate, but can the same be said of other MDC candidates – such as the former one-man political band (NAGG) now busy putting himself forward as an MDC senatorial candidate? No doubt there are other equally dubious political opportunists on the MDC’s list of candidates.

The present infighting within the MDC is disgraceful, as is the adoption of Zanu PF-type methods. Also disgraceful is the MDC’s lack of a leadership capable of directing any meaningful political campaign and strategy to remove the dictatorship.

Has not the experience in local government in Harare, Mutare and now Chitungwiza taught the MDC anything about the political realities of Zimbabwe under Zanu PF? As long as Zanu PF remains in power (something that will not be changed by electoral politics) it will not be possible to “keep them out” as my MP suggests.

The reality is that the MDC’s involvement in local government has been a millstone round its neck. It can achieve nothing of consequence as long as Zanu PF controls the national political landscape.

The reality is that Zanu PF is responsible for the disastrous political, social and economic condition of Zimbabwe. Let not the MDC allow Zanu PF to cause confusion by pretending that it is the MDC’s maladministration that is the cause of the breakdown in the provision of services.

Morgan Tsvangirai, Welshman Ncube and all the others who purport to lead us have in their own different ways failed us.

Those of us who are hanging on in increasing desperate circumstances fervently hope that when the dust (and dirt) has finally settled a new leadership will emerge with the courage to confront this dictatorship – and not from a token presence in a useless and ineffectual parliament that merely serves as a lapdog to the executive arm of government and to the ruling party, nor by legal challenges dealt with by a partisan judiciary.

Boycotts – of elections as well as of other matters pertaining to government – can be an effective way of confronting this regime.

RES Cook,


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