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Britain gave funds for land

YOUR lead story last week, “Mugabe, Mbeki square up”, just leaves one wondering why politicians lie.

One must clearly understand why President Robert Mugabe is on

e of the few politicians who do what they say and that is why over the years he has been able to create such a wide and vocal following.

This is the quote from the article: “(South African President Thabo) Mbeki has adopted a carrot-and-stick approach. This week he tried to flatter Zanu PF by claiming its land reform programme was delayed by the need to avoid scaring South Africa’s apartheid rulers in 1990s. He also said Zimbabwe’s debt crisis was a result of social services investment.”

If a politician lies then he will always be known as a liar and a person not to be trusted to keep his word.

The opposition MDC has got things right and does not blame colonialism because colonialism is not to blame.

I wonder if also the time has come for more of the truth to be accepted. Britain did provide funds for the purchase of “white” farmland, but when the funds were misused and abused by Zimbabwe the flow of funds stopped.

Britain, as one of a number of nations that have written off outstanding debts far greater than the amount set aside for land acquisition in Zimbabwe, has loaned/given/granted funds to other countries including the so-called “black” African countries. And it still continues to do so without seeking political or financial advantage, but the betterment of the people of the countries themselves.

Why then is Britain’s treatment of Zimbabwe so different except when one takes into account what is happening in the country?

Ross Gordon,

South Africa.

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