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Better to vote for a baboon

I WOULD like to say hats off to all the MDC candidates in Matabeleland provinces for defying party leader Morgan Tsvangirai and registering their names for participation in the senate election.

, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The region has never belonged to the ruling party and never shall it vote for the ruling party. It is the same party that killed our fathers and mothers and never bothered to make a public apology. I lost my father during the Gukurahundi and I feel great anger within me.

No matter what old Bob may do to try and entice people in Matabeleland to vote for him, he will never win because we are united and we would rather vote for a baboon.

Jonathan Moyo remains a hero in Matabeleland because we believe he has the region at heart. He tried to set up a TV station in the region but again Zanu PF led by Robert Mugabe thwarted his efforts.

We promise to stand by Moyo through thick and thin because he is our next umdala wethu who can challenge Bob by taking him head on.

M Maphosa,


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