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Bennett: the stabilising factor

CONGRATULATIONS to Roy Bennett on his election as MDC chairman for Manicaland and stressing the need for unity in the party.

The MDC desperately needs some unifyi

ng, stabilising factor to lead it from the present unstable situation.

Could Bennett be that factor? For years he has been revered, supported in his own constituency by his workers and all who have benefited through his development of the area and its people.

Now with eight months’ gaol in Mutoko, courtesy of a Zanu PF parliamentary majority, behind him, he has the qualification that prepares a man for leadership.

And who would not support a man who did what millions wish they could do — flatten Justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa, in parliament?

There will be some I suppose, who criticise the fact that he is white, but it has not held him back. His true worth shines through everything he touches.

He will be there to give strong, forthright, truthful advice to the party.

PNR Silversides,


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