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Zvayi plagiarised Zimdaily article

THE state-owned Herald’s political editor, Ceasar Zvayi, has plagiarised word-for-word, an article that appeared in Zimdaily’s weekend edition reporting the suspension of MDC secretary-general, Welshman Ncube.

In his article, “MDC circus continues”, (Herald, December 19), Zvayi shamelessly “copied and pasted” four paragraphs word-for-word from the Zimdaily article titled “Welshman slapped with a two-year suspension”.

Zvayi also lifted quotes from an interview Zimdaily had with the MDC’s Nelson Chamisa.

Zvayi, a former geography teacher who recently joined the Herald political desk, has struggled to source original and authentic political stories.

In an apparent bid to make up for his highly-questionable conduct, Zvayi attempted to make attribution to suspended deputy secretary-general, Gift Chimanikire.

Strangely for the Herald, the plagiarised article was given front page prominence.

This is not the first time that Zvayi has been engaged in unprofessional conduct.

Just three months ago he allegedly assaulted a hapless female subordinate, Thelma Chikwanha, after she had questioned his journalism credentials.

Zvayi later recommended her dismissal. Plagiarism is one of the highest levels of unethical conduct in copyright laws, particularly in journalism. The link to the plagiarised article is

http://zimdaily.com/news2/article.php/20051217152932873.html and the plagiarised Zimdaily article starts at paragraph four.

Chris Mukono,


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