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Yet another Zanu PF onslaught

I CAN see the Zanu PF machine, never to be outmanoeuvred by political will, is already orchestrating yet another onslaught on the already overburdened electorate. The general populace is not at a

ll interested in this new addition to the overstrained budget.

Why would this government not use the resources they are using for the senate to improve on obvious areas such as food aid and employment creation? They only seem to focus their interests on making sure they stay in power till the day to the Heroes’ Acre?

It is unfortunate that a lot of people don’t regard President Robert Mugabe as their hero anymore. We all used to but you are no longer a hero, Mr President.

This is a reminder to Zanu PF: Zimbabwe is not your backyard shack, it’s one of the young democracies of the world. Don’t tell me you brought democracy, it was everybody’s effort. Everyone knows most of you people up there are not the true leaders of the revolution. The true ones either perished because of their courage or are uncelebrated.

Mr President, you did not fight the battle for the people, but you fought alongside the people. Put the people first if you are a hero. The world has lost trust in you, morale is down at home and all you are doing is forcing people into a corner.

It is now evident the Zanu PF machine has grown so arrogant but for how much longer do you think people will just look and wait?

To you who support this rot, what are you doing? Where is the nation heading? We need Operation Murambatsvina to target those who want to lead people both in opposition and pro-Zanu PF circles.



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