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What Murambatsvina failed to achieve, Zanu PF senators will do

NEWS that unopposed Zanu PF senators have already started targetting MDC supporters in their constituencies is no surprise, since their colleagues in the lower house have been doing this for the past six years.

ONT face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>What is disturbing is that the general public, particularly in Harare, have not yet understood the reality of the situation, which is that there will be a senate.

They are so determined in their mind that the senate is a bad thing that they simply refuse to accept that it is reality. The result of this mental block is that half the constituencies have been given to Zanu PF without any fight whatsoever, and those are the ones which are already tasting the reality of Zanu PF senators, even over MDC MPs, as in the case of Dzivarasekwa, Kuwadzana, Kambuzuma and Mufakose.

Those MPs will have great difficulty resisting the regime’s efforts to thwart their successes and their programmes with the people, for the simple reason that the senators will be given all the resources and state machinery for their own purposes. Removing MDC is their number one priority – starting with vendors, but moving on to businesses, lodgers, house-owners – until every non-card-carrying member is booted out.

What Murambatsvina failed to achieve, Zanu PF senators will finish off. It is difficult to see a positive outcome to this situation, even in MDC strongholds, brought about by lack of proper analysis -or more graphically, by the ostrich head-in-the-sand mentality.

Trudy Stevenson,

MP (MDC), Harare North.

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