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Prof, you’re not serious!

I AM compelled to write on the developments that I have read and observed about participating in the so-called senate polls, particularly by Welshman Ncube and some MDC members who are jumping onto this worthless project on the assumption

that it might be possible to contain Zanu PF in its own game.

My question is: why and how do you think that if you contest you will win this time around given that the MDC has unresolved court cases from previous elections challenging Zanu PF on rigging allegations? And if you win, how will you contribute to better laws? How do you think you will contribute better through the senate when you failed to do so though the existing set-up?

Given the current set-up, the furthest you can only engage is up to the parliamentary portfolio committees – which I regard as merely academic – and you have no control if Zanu PF wants to pass laws without considering your views. Do you rally see the senate as the answer?

Professor Ncube, you can do better than this! Did they not pass Aippa, Posa, NGO and other laws when MDC MPs were more than you are now in the august house? Did they not pass through the latest 17th Constitutional Amendment Act?

Professor, is the list not long? I guess it does not require a rocket scientist to say that the answer is: yes, they did all these things.

So professor and your bandwagon, what is it that you can contribute now that you failed when all this was happening by partaking in the senatorial election even when assuming the MDC wins all the 50 seats being contested – against the very high possibility of you crying again that they are rigged?

Just yesterday, were you not fighting tooth and nail against this concept and now that you lost it (17th Constitutional Amendment), aren’t you now applying the popular adage that says “if you can’t beat them join them”?

I, as an ordinary Zimbabwean, can only look and wonder whether Ncube and his bandwagon are serious about participating in this senate. Why anyone with a national vision and some kind of realisation of where the country is going should join, I wonder.

This means that the MDC accepts the rules and procedures which created the senate and endorses the political manoeuvres surrounding the creation of the senate. Above all, it’s a validation of the recent constitutional amendments. Professor, your analysis, personal integrity and dignity are now very questionable.

A senate serves no purpose except to give terminal benefits to Mugabe’s old friends, and it is common knowledge that it’s an expensive undertaking which a shrinking economy can’t afford.

Your actions will bring in national political fatigue where no one wants to vote for anyone, and I would like to assure you that if the MDC participates in these elections, kiss my vote and me goodbye from MDC.

I now respect MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai who continues to stand by the people. Viva Tsvangirai.

MDC Grassroots Supporter,


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