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Mugabe, please go now

I AM one of the students who have benefited from President Robert Mugabe’s scholarship for the poor at the University of Fort Hare in South Africa.

When I read an

article from a Fort Hare student begging Mugabe to resign, I was touched. I agreed with the writer because with my degree from Fort Hare, I am hardly surviving in Zimbabwe.

Inflation is galloping, shelves in shops are empty and the few items in the shops are beyond my reach. I was in Mutare for the rest of September. I then moved to Bulawayo at the beginning of October. It’s all the same.

I agree with the Fort Hare student that as long as Mugabe remains president of Zimbabwe, the degrees will not work and for real my degree hasn’t worked for me.

It was even more sad to read in last week’ edition of the Zimbabwe Independent that students at Fort Hare are starving. To be honest, any person who is directly ruled by Mugabe, except for the ministers, is starving, regardless of where the person is situated in the world.

It is also sad to learn that Chris Mushohwe is still in charge of the so-called scholarships for the poor, dominated by his relatives.

Mr Mugabe, thank you for sending me to Fort Hare. I am now back. Working for four years in your country but have not managed to improve my social welfare.

Like the Fort Hare student, I impatiently await your long overdue departure.

Like the Fort Hare student, I pray for Zimbabwe.



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